Monday, July 25, 2005

Well, here's a list for you. After ordering new SPD books in the morning, it is my painful duty to return books to SPD in the afternoon, many of them Pressed Wafer chapbooks. Here are the ones I'm snatching from a fate worse than warehousing:
Beth Anderson, In Residence
Jim Behrle, City Point
William Corbett, Back and Forth
Del Ray Cross, Cinema Yosemite
Joseph Torra, August Letter to My Wife and Daughters
Tina Darragh, Striking Resemblance
Michael Gizzi, My Terza Rima
Carla Harryman, Memory Play
Ben Lerner, The Lichtenberg Figures
Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop, Ceci n'est pas Keith Ceci n'est pas Rosmarie
Bernadette Mayer, Two Haloed Mourners
The public's loss is my gain, but really still more my loss. As much as I'll enjoy having and hopefully reading these books (but it can take me years to go through a pile like this one as it filters through my clogged charcoal library), I'd rather they have gone to browsers. Perhaps the Internet is the best hope of small presses now.

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