Monday, September 22, 2003

A nice little chunk of Fourier Series is now up at muse apprentice guild.

The paper's done; now I have to chop it down into something I can present in twenty minutes. Can't quite believe I'm getting on a plane in 48 hours. I don't even have a guidebook yet. Most likely after the conference ends on Sunday I'll head up toward Edinburgh. Maybe I should pay the obligatory pilgrimage to Stratford first. I'm taking suggestions. The blog will most likely be dormant while I'm gone (until October 5), not that it's been so very active lately. But if I do find an Internet connection that's not too expensive I'll post a little travel piece for y'all.

Actually used to say "y'all" when I lived in New Orleans. Lost the habit now, but it's a very useful pronoun. Kind of a more intimate plural, as if the connotations of "tu" and "vous" in French were reversed.

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