Friday, September 05, 2003

I haven't gotten anywhere near being up to listing my own personal top ten list, as so many other bloggers are doing. It was hard enough to come up with my "staff pick" for the store. Caught between the desire to choose something from my own personal canon (which is nebulous) and the desire to promote something reasonably cool, I grabbed Karen Volkman's Spar, which has many thing I admire in it. Also admirable is Tina Brown Celona's The Real Moon of Poetry which I read in its entirety during my shift this evening. I have to confess to a vague suspicion of a book that can be consumed in one sitting, but I found its strange and somewhat sinister whimsy, and her foregrounding of the problem of preserving the Romantic impulse in the form of poetry (Romance surviving the rainbow of its will, so to speak), quite compelling. Another Fencebooks book, Joyelle McSweeney's The Red Bird, also held my attention for a while; I'll want to read some more of it next Friday.

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