Monday, August 18, 2003

The summer is ending! Run for your lives!

What a glorious day we had yesterday—cool, breezy, sunny. We lay in the back yard, coughing slightly from time to time, while the dog wriggled his legs in the air, as if we didn't have a care in the world. When in fact I have to teach my first creative writing class on Thursday the 28th and I haven't finished my syllabus yet, much less assembled all the reading materials for my course packet. Then there's the little matter of that still-unfinished paper to be presented in Birmingham just a short six weeks from now. Feeling slightly Zen about it all—it will get done. But when is the question—I've been working at the Bookery almost constantly. Here I am again, in fact. And my sister is coming to visit all the way from Marin County on Thursday. That basically leaves me tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to finish my syllabus and make some progress on the paper. Yipe. Yippers. Yoicks.

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