Monday, May 19, 2003

Do I still have any readers left? I know I've got one—Gabe Gudding and I have been having a contentious little e-mail exchange about my mention of his book a while back. I'll post it when I get home, but right now I'm typing this from the third floor of Emily's father's enormous house in Bethesda, MD, and don't have the needed files with me. We've come down for a week with her family to see her new niece, Ya'el (and the old one, Elly, with whom I hope to play many games of "Jumpy-Jumpy Whoo!" which is the best game I've ever played with a three year-old). The week after this Emily is moving in with me temporarily, and two weeks after that we're moving to new digs permanently and together. So it's kind of a crazy and stressful time and you'll have to forgive me for neglecting my blogging. Did I mention the end of the semester? Mountains of grading? Jumpy-Jumpy Whoo!? Oh, I guess I did.

What's going on in blogworld? People are dropping out—maybe no one wants to be chained to a cumbersome online persona during the summer, too hot and sweaty. I for one will be doing Blogger Lite for the next few days.

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