Saturday, May 03, 2003

Could not resist feeding my own blog to Rob's Amazing Poem Generator:
Cahiers de Corey poetry,
would be in Book at
all at 11:32
AM psyched to
any lanky model of
sexual desire I
puzzle over what
groping toward, a
name spoken
do Culture, is? dominated by moment, with pretty
braids;and a
single goal and
palpable in both stadium and conception of the woods near
our attention on
a certain affection, for
it. more pleasure of work the
language might
shield him
near our attention on the meaning of confrontational activity
Davidson is endless generative of
maneuver—a succession of making them aware
that Muzak has become wise. But
he is no longer part
of. the virtual Montana soon... did you
make one hand, fraught, with
a version spring of good—deal more
a fully immanent to its own
The way to read
Charles Afterword have him His courage will

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