Saturday, April 05, 2003

Rumors of the demise of Joseph Duemer's blog appear to have been exaggerated by me. My apologies, Joe.

It looks like the war might come to a swift end after all, perhaps shifting the discussion about what American power can do to what it should be doing. Which is perhaps where it should have been all along. Of course the horrors of urban warfare might still await us.

What I love most about "One-Way Street" is the way it brings Walter Benjamin as lover into view:
Arc Lamp

The only way of knowing a person is to love that person without hope.


Geranium.—Two people who are in love are attached above all else to their names.

Carthusian carnation.—To the lover, the loved one appears always as solitary.

Asphodel.—Behind someone who is loved, the abyss of sexuality closes like that of the family.

Cactus bloom.—The truly loving person delights in finding the beloved, arguing, in the wrong.

Forget-me-not.—Memory always sees the loved one smaller.

Foliage plant.—In the event an obstacle prevents union, the fantasy of a contented, shared old age is immediately at hand.

Doctor's Night-Bell

Sexual fulfillment delivers the man from his secret, which does not consist in sexuality but which in its fulfillment, and perhaps in it alone, is severed—not solved. This secret is comparable to the fetters that bind him to life. The woman cuts them, and the man is free to die because his life has lost its secret. Thereby he is reborn, and as his beloved frees him from the mother's spell, the woman literally detaches him from Mother Earth—a midwife who cuts that umbilical cord which is woven of nature's mystery.

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