Monday, April 28, 2003

All the talk about the SPD open house has me nostalgic for California, as does, paradoxically, today's weather: clear, sunny, mid-seventies. It's paradoxical because here I am enjoying the weather in Ithaca so why should it remind me so intensely of Berkeley (or even Menlo Park, where I actually lived)? Can't Ithaca have its own weather, its own mental weather? Maybe after a certain age everything comes to seem like a rerun of everything you've previously experienced. I would have to move to some wholly unanticipated climate for it to seem truly new. The tundra? The rainforest? I went to Costa Rica once but only for a week, probably not long enough for that climate to have mapped itself into whatever section of my cortex that triggers "pain of/for place" (the literal meaning of "nostalgia").

Speaking of "place," Catherine's new address has been duly noted.

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