Friday, August 04, 2006

I've had nothing to say thus far about the carnage in Lebanon and Gaza and I still don't really have anything to say, except that I am disgusted and horrified daily. It's difficult to orient myself in the narrow field of available positions that I find in the media and blogosphere. It seems to me that Israel is double damned for slaughtering civilians and for pursuing a strategy that has no chance of long-term success. But I'm hardly pro-Hezbollah, either: the anti-Jewish rhetoric of the likes of Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah is blood-curdling. It's hard enough to be an American and thus implicated in the imperial adventures that Bush & co. have led us into; to be a Jew in addition only amplifies that sense of existential disgust. But I am American and I am a Jew. Both of those identities are at historically associated with some of the most precious human values: why, then, are their most vociferous partisans so keen to discard any value other than might makes right, us versus them?

Flying to Montana tomorrow for ten days vacation, culminating in the wedding of my cousin Daniel in Livingston. Ten days goodbye to all that. While in Missoula I hope to meet the other Montana Josh that I'm aware of and hoist a beer at the Union Club. And then north to Glacier and later south to Yellowstone, to stare at creeks and mountains, bison and bighorn, and let the big big sky cover everything and everyone.

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