Thursday, June 23, 2005

Call for Work

On behalf of editor Robert Strong, I'd like to invite all and sundry to submit work to The Autumn House Anthology of American Spiritual Poetry. Robert writes:
My goal as editor is for this book to represent not only the wide range of voices and peoples encompassed by the term "American" and the multiplicity of connotations attached to the word "spiritual" (not to mention "poetry"), but also some of the wild-eyed visions that have been declaimed (though not always presented) alongside our more polite beliefs and experiences. This anthology will provide readers something we’ve never had before: a comprehensive survey of American spiritual poetry in one authoritative volume.

For the section on contemporary poets, I hope to get the widest sampling of the best poets writing today; no aesthetic will go unturned.
Intrigued? Send inquiries or submissions of 1 to 5 poems and a 1-page c.v. to Robert at

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